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Short Film / Emilie Muller

As a coursework at Wordshop Video Production courses Dmitry Kotov was given a task to shoot a short film with an inverted storyline, so the viewer will be exposed to the fact that nobody knew about until the end of the film. Did I succeed? It is for you to tell. Let me know what you think about it.

  • Stillframes

    • Short Film
    • Short Film
    • Short Film
  • Credits

    Original story: Yvon Marciano
    Director: Dmitry Kotov
    Producer: Andrey Bozhjev
    Editor: Veronika Strashko
    Sound recording: Leonid Ruchkin
    Sound editing: Ivan Kuvshinnikov (2johns production)
    Stylist: Pasha Pavlov

    Actress: Yulia Strelkova-Rybinskaya
    Director: Dmitry Shvadchenko
    Assistant: Grigory Chemeris

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