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QR Kodo / Launch Promo

This project started the unique chemistry of Paradise Bird. Back in 2011 QR codes were starting to pop up that time and QR Kodo had an idea of generating batches of custom QR-codes on stickers for brands. This video is a shiny demonstration of different purposes for these stickers.

  • Stillframes

    • QR Kodo
    • QR Kodo
    • QR Kodo
    • QR Kodo
    • QR Kodo
    • QR Kodo
  • Credits

    Production Team
    Director, Videographer, Editing, Location and Talent Scouting, Color Correction: Dmitry Kotov
    Motion Design: Sergey Shmidt
    Original Music Score by: Assai
    Remixed by: Dmitry Kotov

    (in order of appearance)
    Kirill Kurtov
    Katerina Kat
    Akhad Achilov
    Alisa Scheludchenko
    Kira Pustovoitova

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