About Us

With headquarters in California and a huge network of more than 200 vetted professionals all around the world, we merge the art and craft of delivering polished videos on both personalized and global scales.

  • Dmitry Kotov

    Dmitry Kotov

    Chief Executive Bird

    Completed over 70 projects in fields of Video Production, Web and Game Development as an Executive Producer.

  • Sergey Shmidt

    Sergey Shmidt

    Chief Techie Bird

    Polished over 15 hours of digital footage, Have grown a 49k Photo Blog, Created 8 Digital Products, Co-wrote 3 Music Albums.

  • Ian Thornton

    Ian Thornton

    Chief Creative Bird

    Has done over 50 stunt types, Filmed and Edited Documentaries all around the World, Impersonates a Drunk Scottish person without any alcohol involved.

  • Sergey Shmidt

    Korey Caldwell

    Chief Editing Bird

    Edited over 400 hours of Reality Shows as a torture, Launched a slick YouTube gaming channel, Knows over 15 dirty dance moves.

  • Sergey Shmidt

    Kyle Cawthon

    Chief Audio Bird

    Edited sound and music score for Clerks Making Of movie for a guy whose house got struck by lightning, Can seamlessly Stich the Footage of about 5 versions of himself if there's no good actors around.

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